2022 Offerings – Australia & NZ



“When talking to Jonah, God said, “Should I not pity that great city Nineveh?” And Ellen White wrote that, “the work in the cities is the essential work of this time.” When she wrote that in 1910 the population of New York city was smaller than Sydney is today!

Your offering on 10 December will be used carefully and prayerfully to make disciples in the largest mission field in the South Pacific Division, our major cities. Please give as God challenges you. Thank you

Please show these videos on the Sabbaths leading up to December 10, 2022 to highlight Mission to the Cities offering.



Announcement Text (Please use in all December newsletters & bulletins until 31 December 2022)

One message reaching millions! (13th Sabbath Mission Offering – 31 December 2022)

Local church leaders in Papua New Guinea have said that the best way to cross their wild rivers, rugged mountains and open seas is by radio and television. One message can reach millions, and those media messages prepare the people’s hearts for the arrival of frontline Bible workers. And in Australia, the Kings Kids studio is preparing a multi-episode television series called ‘The Rescue’ based on the Biblical messages in Ellen White’s Conflict of the Ages series. It will open the homes and hearts of thousands of children across Australia, New Zealand and the whole South Pacific Division. Please give generously to this frontline mission work on December 31st. Simply mark your tithe envelope ‘13th Sabbath Mission Offering’ or give via the eGiving website or App. Thank you for opening your hearts.