One of the most amazing promises in all the Bible is found in the third chapter of Malachi, where God invites us to literally test Him. He wants us to try Him and see whether He is faithful. He invites us to cheerfully return our 10% tithe and our systematic offerings to His storehouse, as our acknowledgement that He is the supplier of all that we have, and then to watch as He blesses us in many areas of our lives.

It’s as if God is placing a signed contract on the table and saying, “I promise to open heaven to you, if you will just sign this contract by faithfully bringing your tithes and offerings into my storehouse.”

What an amazing God we serve!

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“A Biblical, easy-to-read overview of God’s will for His tithe. Reid covers the tithe basics—percentage, place and purpose—and also looks at touchier issues such as: Tithe & Other Ministries, Problems in the Ministry or Conference, and Ellen White’s Use of the Storehouse. At just over 50 pages, Reid has really packed a lot into this excellent resource. It’s a great read for anyone who is genuinely seeking to follow God’s will in the calculating, returning and use of tithe.”

Julian Archer, Stewardship Director, South Pacific Division