The Sabbath and the Adventist Church

In the 1800’s there was a religious revival among protestant Christians. This movement was led by a group of Baptist and Methodist ministers. They proclaimed the soon coming of Jesus and the message quickly spread through their congregations. 

These Christians believed Jesus would return in 1844 and when that did not happen they were greatly saddened. This left them searching their Bibles for answers. They began to study the Bible for themselves instead of leaving all interpretation to the clergy, 

These Advent Movement Christians noticed the emphasis on the seventh-day Sabbath in the Bible. They had a desire to keep all of God’s commandments. 

These Christians decided they would begin to keep the biblical Sabbath even though most churches worshipped on Sunday. Keeping the 4th commandment became a distinctive part of their worship. 

The name of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church was chosen because of their belief in keeping the seventh day, as well as their belief in the literal second coming of Christ. 

As Sabbath keepers today, we can make the most of this the sacred day of rest each week with our family, friends, and other believers by:

  • worshiping in church
  • rejuvenating our souls through quiet reflection
  • Finding refreshment through time spent in nature 
  • Deepening our relationship with Christ through Bible study
  • Strengthening our relationships through time spent with family and friends
  • Resting our weary bodies 

The Sabbath is cherished by Adventist Christians around the world. Adventists believe the Sabbath is a blessing for every created person, and it reminds us that we each have a powerful Creator and a loving Savior.