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In the more than 2,000 verses in the Scriptures that deal with money and possessions and our attitude toward them, God gives practical instruction on how to live above the stresses of life and to manage in financially faithful ways what we have been given.

In this quarter’s lessons, we will study God’s ideal in our relationship with Him and clearly see how we can develop a trust so deep that we will remain faithful to Him, even when we can’t buy or sell. (See Rev. 13:17.) But this kind of faith does not come overnight; by faithfully managing what God has given us, we can be prepared, even now, for whatever comes our way.

We pray that these practical lessons will deepen your faith and trust in God and encourage you to be a faithful manager for Him.

Watch the series of videos that introduce each of the weeks topics.

Week 1 | God: The Upholding Giver
Week 2 | Cain and Abel: The Conflicting Givers
Week 3 | Noah: The Grateful Giver
Week 4 | Abraham: The Faithful Giver
Week 5 | Isaac: The Altruistic Giver
Week 6 | Jacob: The Promising Giver
Week 7 | Ahaz: The Wicked Giver
Week 8 | Jeroboam and Hezekiah: The Giving Motivators
Week 9 | The Phoenician Widow
Week 10 | The Poor Widow: The Extreme Giver
Week 11 | Ananias and Sapphira: The Unfaithful Givers
Week 12 | The Rich Young Ruler: The End-time Givers